Contagion – Where Does it End?

“The average person touches their face three to five times every waking minute. In between, we’re touching doorknobs, water fountains, and each other.” Kate Winslet’s character in the movie Contagion. I couldn’t agree more with Steven Soderbergh’s premise of single touch transmission, first two people are infected, then four, then sixteen. Within just a few […]

Critique Groups

I didn’t do well with writers’ critique groups. As far back as kindergarten, my progress reports showed a propensity for uncooperativeness. But for years I tried attending gatherings where we’d read an excerpt from a story or discussed pages we’d been sent ahead of time. There are all kinds of people in critique groups. The pompous […]

Mother Nature hates us!

Since the beginning of time, Ol’ Mother Nature has been trying to rid herself of pesky inhabitants, whether it was trilobites from the Ordovician extinction that occurred 434 million years ago, or present-day homo sapiens getting hit with H1N1 and AIDS. Evidently, Earth would like nothing better than to be a dried up, crusty ball […]