Hello Kitty

harajuku-hello kitty

When I was a teenager . . . oh, let’s not go there. Suffice it to say that when I was in Japan recently, I was a little taken aback by current teen fashions.

There’s no better place to see what the youth of Japan are up to than in Harajuku.


It starts at Takeshita Street and for blocks in all directions you can find some of the funkiest shops, and fashionistas in Tokyo.


The clothes are set out like a giant sidewalk sale. Some shops are upstairs, others are in the basements.


They’re all geared toward the extreme.

harajuku dog

You may ask, who would wear something like that? Rumor has it that Lady Gaga comes to this shop (called Dog) when she’s in Tokyo.


On any given Sunday, the youth of Japan head to Harajuku to see and be seen.

harajuku girls masks

No matter where we traveled in Japan, and Hong Kong, people wore surgical masks if they thought they might be sick.These girls didn’t let a few germs ruin their fun, they just incorporated their masks into their costumes.


Check out the shoes!! These extreme platforms are everywhere. For guys and girls.


And no outfit is complete without accessories.


When this girl walked, her knees looked like wooden joints moving. (She certainly has the legs for those tattoo stockings, doesn’t she boys?)

yoyogi park hair

It’s not just the girls who are into costumes. (I borrowed this pic from the internet.)
Bands set up across the way in Yoyogi Park where they play music, dance, or just strut their stuff. (and hair)

Taylor road warrior 2

This dude looks hardcore. (Just kidding. That’s my son, here in Atlanta.) He’s into costumes, too. And I think I’ve found the perfect girl for him.

harajuku girl

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  1. Everyone of these images are fabulous! I love trendy clothes like this … on other people!!! Thank you Marsha for providing the.

    1. I thought I was on the cutting edge as a teen, with my bell-bottom jeans and tee shirts. *sigh*

  2. Great pics, enjoyed seeing the styles….guess I’m a little past any of those! I had sandals with straps that laced to the knee one time, does that count!

    1. I can’t imagine stepping outside my house in any of those costumes. No guts!

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